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The abundance of solar power

Sunshine is present in the world in abundance. It is one source of energy that is free and found in majority of places on the earth. There are very few places on earth where there is no or very little sunshine. We have technology to harness this energy and the using this energy is not very expensive. We don't need to build large dams or turbines to harness this energy. It does not need anything extra to generate power through this energy. Nowadays when new houses are being built or new buildings built there are solar panels being put on the top of the buildings. The solar technology can be accommodated in the design of the building very easily. Many countries are offering taxes benefits, other incentives so that people put solar panels in the buildings.

The solar energy is done through a process in which the sun energy is collected through panels in form of cells. It is then converted to electricity via photovoltaic processing. This form of energy very easy to make and it can be used for everyday uses. There are solar lights and other accessories in many gardens and parks where sunlight is found in abundance. There are many grants and incentives offered through which you can put-up photovoltaic roof tiles. When you put such roof-tiles on your roof, then they collect heat from the sun. The consumer in the solar energy can make a grid tie system through which you can actually sell unused electricity back to the grid. Photovoltaic tiles replace ordinary roof tiles and can be perfectly blended to fit the look of the outside of your house. With solar energy you too can help the environment. Solar energy is used to make geysers works or use to light the house. There are many small solar cookers as well, which is used to cook food. You put you raw food like rice, lentils, vegetable or even cakes in the cookers and after 2-3 hours you will find them cooked.

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